With UKEC’s well-established relationships with over 120 UK higher education institutions, we have the ability to assist you throughout your whole application process for free. Moreover, our relationships with numerous UK accommodation providers also allows us to help you after the application. Therefore, you can be confident to apply for your study with UKEC. The whole procedure consists of 5 steps as follows:

UKEC university consultation

Step 1: Consultation

Discuss your options with one of our education consultants. We help you select the best courses at the best universities based on your academic background.

ukec application preparation

Step 2: Preparation

We help you gather all the documents you need to apply. We will check if everything is accurate and ready for your application.

ukec application

Step 3: Application

We apply and do everything for you within a day so you can just sit back and relax while waiting for your offer. Also, we make sure if you need to do the pre-sessional English before your degree course and apply for that as well.

UKEC visa

Step 4: Visa & Accommodation

Our certified visa advisors will apply for your visa for free of charge with 99% success rate. In addition, our accommodation department will help you find a home in the UK before your course starts.

UKEC career service

Step 5: Career Advice

While in the UK, you are invited to many networking & career fairs we organise throughout the year for international students. We also help you polish your job hunting during your study and after your graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Totally Free Package mean?

Totally Free Package means we do not charge you for any services that we provide within the package. There is no hidden fees or charge, not even a deposit throughout the whole process. However, you will still have to pay for your own tuition fees at your chosen university, your visa fees and your living expenses in the UK.

What is included in the Totally Free Package?

The free package includes:

  • The consultation to find the best university and course tailored to your interest
  • The application service within which we help you prepare all the essential documents and submit the application to your chosen universities
  • The visa application
  • The accommodation application

Why is it FREE?

We work as an agency specialising in promoting universities. Therefore, we represent and receive rewards from the universities to help and assist international students apply to a wide range of our client universities and institutes all across the UK.

What is the difference between UKEC visa department and visa advice from my home agency?

UKEC visa department consists of all qualified Level 1 OISC visa advisors who have taken on over 40,000 cases of student visas and visitor visas. In fact, we are one of the very few companies all around the globe to have the knowledge and authority to give advice on UK study visa application. This is not commonly known by international students. A lot of overseas study abroad agencies give advice on visa application without any trained knowledge about how the visa procedure works which can cause visa rejection to students. To read more about our visa service, click here