UCAS and Posgraduate Application Deadlines 2019

Time flies…

It is already April and most students who may want to apply to college or university are afraid that they have missed the application deadlines. After May, it seems like everyone around you has already received their acceptance letters. However, don’t panic! It is actually not too late to apply for the September intake. This article will give you all the information you need about UCAS and Postgraduate Application Deadlines 2019.

If you are still trying to find a university to apply to for the 2019 enrolment, there are many universities that are welcoming first-year and exchange students. Whether you are looking for a place for your Bachelor’s, Master’s or even PhD degree, these universities are still looking for smart, ambitious students like you.

Important UCAS Deadlines 2019

Making a last-ditch effort to get into your dream university surely requires a lot of work, but with professional assistance from UKEC, it will just be as easy as ABC.

Before beginning your application, it is important to familiarise yourself with key deadlines. Some universities (e.g. Cambridge and Oxford) and courses (e.g. medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry) have much earlier deadlines due to their popularity and it is important you are fully aware of the impact this can have on your application.

UCAS Deadlines 2019 Ukec
UCAS Application

If you are applying for undergraduate courses, you may come across these two key deadlines:

  • 15 October 2018 – All courses at Cambridge and Oxford and most medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry at all other institutions.
  • 15 January 2019 – All other undergraduate courses.

However, the 15 January deadlines was for UK students and does not apply to people from overseas. In fact, international students can still apply for undergraduate courses in the UK right up until ***

UCAS Clearing Deadlines

UCAS Clearing

And when you go into details about UCAS application cycle, here are some other key dates you should also bear in mind after 15th of January:

February 25 UCAS Extra opens
June 30 Applications received after June 30 are entered into UCASClearing
July 4 Last date to apply in UCAS Extra for 2019 entry
July 5 2019 UCAS Clearing opens
2019 International Baccalaureate results published
August 15 A-Level result day
September20 Final deadline for 2019 entry applications

Please note that these are general application dates, that do not necessarily apply to all the programmes offered by the universities. Always make sure to check the deadline on the programme pages accordingly.

So, if you’ve missed the UCAS deadline, changed your mind about what course to study, or don’t have the offers you wanted don’t despair. Your hopes of going to university this year aren’t over…

About ‘ongoing’ deadlines

UCAS and postgraduate deadline 2019

When looking at university prospectuses online, you may see that some have an ‘ongoing’ deadline, which means that they do not have a fixed official deadline. However, this does not mean that you can apply any time you wish. Rather, it means that some universities will continue to consider applications until they have reached their capacity. You should still apply as soon as possible to make sure that you have a good chance of getting admitted. The sooner the better! You need to show them that you are a qualified candidate before they find someone else.

Late UCAS applications

Even if you suspect you have missed an application deadline, it is worth contacting UKEC to see if we can help. We work closely with universities and can find places that you did not know were still available. While many popular courses or universities may be strict about deadlines (e.g Russell Group universities), others may be more flexible and still accept your application. Just get in touch with UKEC and we will find out for you!

UKEC University Consultation

UCAS Extra and Clearing

There are two official UCAS processes in place if you don’t get your application in before 15 January or if other hiccups occur:

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra runs from 25 February to 4 July for applicants who have made five initial choices, but either have been unsuccessful in all cases or have declined any offers they received. If you’ve applied through UCAS and used all 5 of your choices, you might be able to apply with us through UCAS Extra.

This is useful if you’ve changed your mind since you submitted your UCAS application or you didn’t get the offers you wanted.

UCAS Clearing

The Clearing cycle kicks in from July, finishing in September. This is the time when any remaining places are up for grabs following results day.

Generally, Clearing operates on a first come – first served basis, but most universities still want the best applicants and won’t compromise on grade requirements.

For Extra or Clearing, you may increase your options by considering joint or combined degrees covering two or more subjects.

If you decide to go for Clearing but you aren’t already in the UCAS system, don’t wait until it’s at its height to opt in. Indeed, there’ll be an inevitable delay while you write and submit an application. Meanwhile, people already in the system can sneak in and snap up places before you are even on board. 

Plus, if you do better than expected in your results, you can apply to another course with higher entry requirements via UCAS Adjustment.

Degree Apprenticeships

It’s also worth keeping in mind that degree apprenticeships don’t follow the same application cycle. You can apply to a degree apprenticeship at the same time as you apply to university, although the exact process will vary from one provider to another.

Apply directly

There are certain universities offering direct applications for students, which means you do not have to apply through UCAS. As a matter of fact, around half of our partnered universities have provided direct application channels to our students. Thus, this means you can always come to us with all your application documents for direct applications. Moreover, all services are free including university consultation, visa and accommodation service (Totally Free Package).

Apply for Postgraduate courses

If you are applying for postgraduate courses, you will need to do so by June or July normally for the course starting in September/October. However, don’t wait until the last moment to apply. Besides, you will also need time to sort out your finances, accommodation, travel arrangements and possibly your visa if you are an international student.

To be safe, apply at least six months in advance, so around March for a course that starts in September/October. If you are moving to the UK, allow an extra four months or more if you apply for funding from organisations in your own county, as you will be asked for proof of finance at the application stage.

Finally, some courses start at different times of the year, so please check with the university before applying.

Lastly, just bear in mind that our courses fill up quickly. So, submit your application as soon as you decide which course you want to study. Contact our consultation team today!

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