This 2019 intake UKEC has been the leader in supporting international students to apply for their postgraduate law degrees in the UK. We have held around 20 law events across the UK for students who wish to pursue BPTC ( Bar Professional Training Course), LPC ( Legal Practice Course), LLM (Master of Laws) and GDL ( Graduate Diploma in Law). To check out our series of law student events, please visit our website here. Through our series of events in the past few months, we have helped over 300 international students apply for their postgraduate law degrees and 85% of them have been accepted into their first choice universities.

Did you miss the first round of BPTC application?

However, UKEC acknowledges that there are still a lot of students out there who have missed their first round of applying for BPTC as well as a lot of you are thinking of applying for LPC, LLM, GDL to kick-start your career in Law. So trust UKEC – an experienced education agency who has helped thousands of students like you with their BPTC applications, LPC applications, LLM applications, and GDL applications! The first round’s results have been out on 06/03/2019. A lot of students from the first round will receive more than one offer to their first-choice universities, but they are going to choose only one university for their study. As a result, there will be a number of first-choice universities that will have available places on their programs for the second round because of the number of unaccepted offers. So now is the time to apply for your second round of BPTC!

Did you fail the first round of BPTC application?

Besides, for all of you who applied for the BPTC and found out that you have failed the first round, LPC can be a good alternative for you to go for if you would like to stay in the city where you currently live in. LPC applications are accepted at the moment. With LPC, you have the necessary qualification to become a Solicitor who can practice in the UK and a lot of European countries. UKEC can also help you with the LPC application.

To read more about your options after a law degree, read this article

UKEC LPC & LLM Live Stream with The University of Law on 27/06

This live stream is for Law students across the UK who are interested in studying further to be qualified for legal practice.

The live stream is hosted by UKEC – United Kingdom Education Centre and The University of Law. 

This provides all of the information about:

  • available courses
  • entry requirements
  • employability
  • tuition fees 
  • how to apply

To watch our live stream, register to this event to receive reminders and updates about this live stream.

And set your reminder on this live stream here: 


Attending this live stream, applying with us, you will receive a full discount of the application fee for LPC worth £15.

Register now!


In addition, UKEC has been offering the amazing full discount of BarSAS (BPTC application) fee which is worth £65. We are still offering you this great discount as long as you let us help you apply for your BPTC. We also offer a full discount of the LPC application fee which is worth £15 if you apply with us. We will support you throughout the whole application process including choosing a university that suits your interest, collecting and proofreading documents such as personal statement, reference letters, etc.; submitting your university application, student visa extension and so on. And all of that is free included in the TOTALLY FREE PACKAGE. To claim your discount, contact us to apply now!

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Terms and Conditions:

The discount is worth the whole value of the BPTC and LPC application fee.

The student who applies for BPTC and LPC with UKEC will still have to pay for the application fee first hand. The student will be reimbursed the £65 (for BPTC) or the £15 (for LPC) as soon as they have enrolled in their BPTC or LPC course.

The reimbursement will be transferred via bank transfer.

UKEC’s decision is final on all matters not covered in the Ts&Cs.

What else are you waiting for? 

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